Day #76, 77 & 78, Shopaholic

September 29, 30 & October 1+1, 2016

Oh my…

I totally forgot to write my diary for the last 2 days…

The reason?

I found my bank card in my mailbox on Friday morning, have been on IKEA online store and Amazon and Korean grocery online shop, and bought a lot of things! 

I couldn’t buy any on IKEA Store cuz it’s not actually a shop, they don’t do online shopping service. I thought I could order online cuz the app is called ‘IKEA STORE’ so I spent many hours to browse stuff and put them in my basket, and when I was ready to order and pay, there was no button to do so anywhere! 

Anyway, I was so much into catching up on sleeping, shopping and cooking, so totally forgot about my diary!

When I woke up at 4am from weird sleeping patterns of the last 48 hours, I realised that I have been locked up for 48 hours, with no fresh air nor sunshine. So I decided to go out and get some fresh air in the morning.

The weather was fantastic. Cool air with the bright sun. I walked around the neighbourhood to get some Vitamin D and got a coffee at a Starbucks on the way to the shopping street. Shopping again… I just got paid. I am a terrible money manager. I should learn to save money. Really.

I am in bed, but not sleepy at all. I slept too much for the last 48 hours. But I need to sleep to survive the first day of the week at work!


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