Day #79, Can-do Hormone

October 2+1, 2016

I think I am really crazy. 

Maybe there is a psycology term to describe someone like me, that is, I push myself to the limit when I totally know I shouldn’t. Like this morning, I had been up for 27 hours when I finished work at 7am, and my eyes were burning so I knew I should go to bed straightaway. But instead, for some illogical reason, I did things I didn’t have to do in a hurry, such as straightening my hair. With a product that I got from an African hair shop. It’s expected to take at least 4 hours until the end, and I shouldn’t have started it this morning, but I still did, trying to ignore the fact that I need to sleep.

I did it, and the result is fantastic.

I think my body produces some kind of special hormon when I want something dearly, the sort of hormon that gives me physical power, which made a teenage girl  move a piano for herself, even though it took whole day to move 5 metres from a living room to a bedroom.

I was fully awake when I was doing my hair job, buy now my eye lids are really closing.


Woops, upto here was what I wrote yesterday morning, and I fell asleep without realising.


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