Day #80, Company And Work

October 3+1, 2016

I was in half sleep half awake dreamy status for 30 minutes, thinking where I was, and suddenly realised I jad to get up to go to work!

I didn’t set up an alarm cuz I fell asleep without knowing, so I jumped out of bed and check the time, and it was 22:12! Holy shit! My work starts at 11pm!

I jumped in the shower, had a quick rinse, brushed teeth, put on whatever clothes I could grab, dried hair and put light makeup on. I got myself prepared in record time! I got out at 10:35pm, 5 minutes later than usual time, but still had time to get to work before 11 and get myself settled in front of a computer.

I was so hungry but my break time was set for 2:30am today, later than usual. Why today. So I had some cereal in soy milk to calm down my growling stomach.

Here, just a comment on my company – When I asked for soy milk stock in fridges cuz there are some employees who don’t digest cow milk incl me, it was accepted and we had soy milk in a few days! Isn’t it amazing? Now I can enjoy cereal with milk, I don’t have to eat it like potato chips when I am hungry.

Work was ok, just a few angry customers wanting to release their stress onto us even though they know I cannot personally do anything for them right away. I totally understand why they are annoyed, cuz I would be the same if I was in their shoes, but policy is policy, business is business and I can’t change that. The thing is, I can’t say that to customers. Well, I  really hope I will feel more relaxed or confident when handling angry customers in time. If I don’t, I don’t think I would survive in the long run.


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