Day #81, Parcels Piling

October 4+1, 2016

Again, very late in bed… 😦

I had to wait for my parcel containing Korean food ingredients, because there were some fresh stuff among my orders. I wanted to put them in the fridge asap. 

So, I decided to make some scones while waiting. One of my favourites in Bill Granger’s Simply Bill cookbook. I have made this many times, maybe over 10 times (I don’t usually cook the same thing more than 2-3 times cuz there are so many recipes to try!). This recipe is super easy and delicious. And quick to make. One of the most satisfying bakes. 

I took some down to the concierge desk. Employees of my property agency come and do the job, and I think they rotate the job cuz I met over 10 people so far. Lee is always there though, I think he is some kind of director who is responsible for this new development. Most of them are very nice and helpful, so I wanted to do something for them, and little bakes usually impress people. And it did. 

I got lots and lots of parcels this morning until early afternoon incl food ingredients, and among them there was a shelf for the kitchen to install. I did that too, and my body aches and screams for rest.

Ok, ok, off to sleep.


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