Day #82, Keep In Touch

October 5+1, 2016

Finally my holidays are set.

After several times of request and declined for dates chosen, I got 6 days off in a row incl a weekend at the end of November.

I will go and see my mother-ln-law in France. Well, technically she is still my mother-in-law, but I would rather say that she is a friend. A very nice friend. Even though I wouldn’t stay in any friendly terms with my soon-to-be ex-husband, I will keep a good relationship with ‘mom’ (I call her mom). And also Maria, the elder sister of mom, my aunt-in-law. She is such a nice person too. She had a light surgery recently and because she is 90 yo, she is having hard time recovering from the surgery, and I’d like to see her again when she is good enough to see me. If she passes away, I would feel a huge loss.

There are many nice people in my ex’s family. And I met some good friends through him. I thought I shouldn’t keep in touch with them because they reminded me of my ex and it made me feel hurt. But now I think I don’t want to lose my good friends just because of him and I still feel good with them regardless of him. 

Anyhow, I talked to mom about my visit and she was happy to see me. I’m going to buy train tickets to France soon. And some chocolate gifts too!


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