Day #83, Finally Friday

October 6+1, 2016

Thursday night and Friday morning’s diary is always written the next day or two.

Because it’s Friday, I like doing things out there after work in the morning, whatever it is. It feels good, no-need-to-rush-home feeling. Not that I don’t like to be home, maybe it’s better to put it this way, no-need-to-rush-to-sleep-for-work-the-next-day feeling. 

This time I had breakfast at Starbucks with Claire, went to Origin in Boots for a free facial care, spent time in Arndale looking for a coat, walked around for shopping and got home at around noon. 

At home, I had so many parcels to pick up from the reception, a super heavy one included. Carol, one of the receptionist got a guy to bring it up for me. 

I have so many boxes open in my kitchen-salon area, still got a few to install. Nearly there. Nearly.


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