Day #87, First Party Plan

October 10+1, 2016

Second night of work and second morning of the week.

I had 6 parcels this time, but all were light so it was ok.

I really can’t wait to see my flat done.

I invited my ex-co-trainees-colleagues-friends for a little house warming evening. This Friday. BYO drinks, and I will prepare some nibbles. They sound happy for a gathering opportunity. I think we feel like comrades each other, cuz we went through a hard time for 4 weeks when we didn’t know anything about the job and were quite nervous, and it’s not only me who feel very close to these guys. It looks like we feel closer to one another than to our current team members, at least night workers are like that. We don’t bump into each other any more cuz we work on different shifts, but we still try to plan meetups and eating out together, and I’d like to keep it this way. If it takes offering my flat every now and then, so be it. They are my first friends in Manchester!

I am going to do some research on nibbles until Friday morning when I have to get some ingredients.

I am so excited!


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