Day #90, Love My Home

October 13+1, 2016

I don’t remember what kind of status of brain I had yesterday morning, I guess the first person who created ‘zombie’ character had felt that kind of status him/herself. 

I just read what I wrote yesterday (with lots of misspellings) while falling asleep, and honestly I don’t remember any of the word I typed. Wow. 

When we get too drunk and don’t remember how they got home the night before, it might feel like this. Literally, no brain function due to too much work on certain part of body.

I slept like a baby for a few hours, and got a few msg from possible future guests, got a booking for 11 nights from next Monday. Manchester Uni students. 

This is amazing. I never thought Manchester hosts would be so busy, but as I checked many nice homes, many of them are fully booked until mid next year. It means I could get busy too. I am only starting so I don’t have any reviews from guests, but still I got many requests so fast which I did’t really expect. I had the first booking on the day I created the account!

I will need to finalise little details on decor when I have time. The guest room is good enough to receive guests but does not have any wall decor such as paintings or photo frames, so it looks empty. My room and the corridor too.

It’s weekend for me now. I am having a housewarming party with my comrades at my place tonight. I will need to make some finger food. 

I will be busy and tired, but excited!!


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