Day #91, Party

October 14+1, 2016

I had a very nice evening with my comrades and their partners. 

Among people I had last night, I had a guest of somewhat funny encounter. He is from Kazakhstan, initially asked to be hosted on Thursday and Friday through Airbnb, but when I asked him if he would be ok cuz I was having a party on Friday night, he dropped his booking request. And then he asked me if he could be invited to the party! What? I thought he dropped the booking cuz he didn’t like parties! Then he said he does like parties, but he needs to get up early to go to London the next morning, and thought the party would last till very late then he wouldn’t be able to sleep early. I said ok, come to the party if you want.

That’s what I like about Airbnb. You get to meet people just like that, someone from somewhere you never thought about before. Even if he didn’t saty at my place, I got to meet him. 

We were 9 all together, and the food I prepared was just enough. I made mini quiche, Serrano wrapped Grissini, fresh tofu with Japanese style topping, Brioche sandwich, banana and chorizo bake, Tzatziki, Guacamole and Tomato salsa for chips. Some mixture of  French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Mexican dishes. I thought about making Gimbap for Korean food, but it takes too much time just for one dish. I will make it one day when I really crave for it.

We mostly talked about our job – felt sorry for 3 guys who were not our colleagues. And then we did some games. 

All left before midnight, so I could get into bed before 1pm after cleaned the whole place. I would have left the rubbish and dishes till this morning if I didn’t have my first Airbnb guest today. Airbnb doesn’t let me be lazy!


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