Day #105, Not Finished

October 28+1, 2016

I was supposed to go to the movies with Claire to watch Bridget Jones last night, I was super tired after cleaning my flat. It took me 3 hours to clean up those girls’ mess. They left stains and marks on every possible surface, left lots of rubbish under the bed. And that’s only 10% of what they did.

I threw away 4 bags of rubbish after cleaning up. I really don’t understand their mindset and attitude.

They left a huge duvet that they brought from a friend, so I texted them to come and pick it up, and they said they were going to London so they can’t come. WTF?? My flat is not their storage! Well, I may as well just throw it away if they don’t come.

Super annoying people even after having left.


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