Day #103, Cultural Activity

October 26+1, 2016

I took Claire to Primark to buy sexy undies, as she is nearly having a new boy friend. She was invited to her possible future bf’s home this weekend.

Funny, why am I so excited about that? Maybe even more than herself. 

It is really fun to watch them, whatever they are doing, it feels like I am watching some kind of soap opera on TV. A romance one, that is.

Oh I love romantic stories. I haven’t had much time to read a book nor watch films for the last 3 months since I came to live in UK, but now I am nearly settled so I will go back to my reading and watching. I got 4 new thrillers in a secondhand bookshop the other day, 2 of them Stephen King’s!! And I will go to the movies tomorrow for Bridget Jones’s Baby. I really wanted to watch it and it’s been out for ages now, I really should go before it’s gone.

Good feeling of being settled and my old self more and more.


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