Day #106, Fate

October 29+1, 2016

I had a lovely couple as guests for a night.

They live in London and came to meet their best friend’s couple who live in another part of England.

They look great each other, looks like they have been together for more than 10 years. They made me feel like having a life companion myself. But it’s not something I can get with my own effort. 

I kind of believe in fate, maybe I ve already talked about it at some point. All my past relationships came as fate I guess. Obviouly those past relationships were not my real fate, because I am not with anyone at the moment, but it was fate at the time of the relationship. They were at a certain spot at a certain time where and when I was there, nobody intended to be there at that moment, coincidential encounters and both parties felt something special to the other. Shouldn’t I call it a fate?

That’s why I don’t do anything specific to meet someone new, cuz I think someone of my fate will come one day sooner or later, where I never thought. 

Am I too surreal?


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