Day #104, Expensive Lesson

October 27+1, 2016

God, these girls are amazing unril the end!!

They are checking out today, and they just woke up now, an hour before the latest check-out time.

And one girl did laundry last night, and ran the drier too, looks like they wanted to use as much electricity as possible at my place before they move into their own flat! And this girl just turn the drier again cuz the clothes were not dried enough! Whoa…. Dunno what to say really.

They need to give me extra fees and new tea towel that their mom burnt, not sure if they are really gonna give me those?

The drier is not gonna stop in less than an hour, what r they gonna do?? I need to tell them to leave at noon really. Im super tired, I need to go to sleep.

I just wanna be done with them and be left alone, clean my place thoroughly and go to bed. My flat is really messy and dirty and damaged by them. 

A big and expensive lesson to be a lot more informed before approve any guest in the future.


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