Day #107, Morning Pudding

October 30+1, 2016

Reasonably busy night, but not too bad. There was no angry customer. 🙂 

I made a mistake (again…) but a staff at the support team got it fixed. Lucky the location had a good staff too! Anyway, I should be more careful on this thing that I always make mistakes, otherwise Im gonna be kicked out from my job!

Came home to my lovely quiet flat, hungry, thinking about making a Black Pudding and Apple dish that I saw somewhere. I bought black pudding by curiosity the other day, and it expires tomorrow. I hope it’s good! Not that I ve never tried this sort of food, but I ve never tried English black pudding. The taste might be different from the similar stuff in France and in Korea. Can’t wait to see.


Here we go. 

I made sexy looking pudding with green apples and red onion, and the taste was fantastic.

Actually, it looks better in the photo than the reality. 😉

This was typical grilled black pudding, I should try other kind of dish next time.


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