Day #98, Disrespectful Guests

October 21+1, 2016

I slept like 24 hours. 

I really needed to catch up on sleep.

I got up to get ready for lunch with friends. Lunch was at Burton Road, far from city centre, and why is that the tram line to my destination is out of service? Only today?? Shit. So funny this Murphy’s law. Hate that.

Plus these guests at my place are really annoying me – burnt my tea towel, use my cooking ingredients such as expensive extra virgin olive oil without asking me, put heaters on at 26 degree all over the place, leave the lights on everywhere, leave takeout food containers just like that, expecting me to throw away?? What the hell. I get it they are from super rich family from India, they have maid, drivers and cleaners etc at home, but how could they think an Airbnb host will be their maids and cleaner and everything?? They are not only young uni kids, there is their mom too!! Wow. I don’t really know what to say and how to react.

Well, I don’t understand their disrespectful attitude.


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