Day #112, Fun Night

November 4+1, 2016

I had my first night out after the company’s summer party. If the company party won’t count, last night was actually the first night out in Manchester, in nearly 3 months.

I’m not a party goer so much, but it is necessary sometimes, to feel like I am part of the community.

Last night was a meetup of French colleagues from work. I was worried that I might have lost all my French speaking ability and wouldn’t be able to get in the conversation, but surprisingly I haven’t forgotten a bit and really enjoyed talking with all of the unknown faces.

I thought I wouldn’t like any French person after what happened with my ex, but surprisingly again, I didn’t care a bit that they were French or not. Everyone of them were different, I wasn’t reminded of my ex nor what happened in France throughout the whole night. I was so much into conversation with them, focused on each person and felt really good.

I went to a club/bar with a few of them, a dancing place with two DJs. It wasn’t a uni-students kind crazy club, it was more relaxed and you can dance however you like on a floor. I got home after 3am. OMG. What a night. Time flies when you have fun. Two of them stayed at the bar when I left. God knows when they got home.

I didn’t sleep much as I had an appointment to collect glasses and contact lenses, and also my guest were checking out and new guests were coming today.

Kind of busy, fun and productive weekend so far.


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