Day #113, Come On, Get Down

November 5+1, 2016

Things are going real serious in Korea these days.

Every time I open FB, shared and commented articles and videos by my friends in Korea pop up, and they are all about this stupid president Park, her admired mysterious woman Choi and candlelight protest on the streets.

I don’t even want to talk about what happened, cuz it sounds really stupid and I feel embarrased being part of the Korean community where the stupid president was elected by biased right winged citizens.

I just hope this protest works this time and the president steps down from her position which she believes as a ‘power over the country’ not a ‘servant of the people’. It looks like she really thinks that she is some kind of empress of dynasty era. Whether or not she was brainwashed stupidly by people like Choi, it is just wrong.

This reminds me of the coming election in the US. I hope for the Americans and the world that they do not make the same mistake as in Korea by voting for the super rich racist candidate.


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