Day #115, Travel Thoughts

November 7+1, 2016

My guests who came yesterday are uni students from Liverpool and Glasgow, two of the many cities that I want to visit in UK in the near future. Talking about it, I may as well do a day trip to Liverpool on this Saturday, if nothing comes up. The train ticket is only £2.50 one way. Amazingly cheap.

Actually I haven’t even done any sightseeing in Manchester yet, and I am already talking about visiting another city. Funny how our brain works. Wherever I lived so far in my life, I really didn’t think about doing any sightseeing in my residential city, cuz I think I could do it any time. I only visited sights when I had friends visiting me. But I surely gotta do it here in Manchester, even just to give my guests some insight.

The places I like to visit in UK are, Liverpool, Glasgow, York, Edinburgh, Inverness, Leeds, Belfast and Dublin. I may have more places than I have now if I do more research.

I will definately go to Liverpool soon.


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