Day #116, Party Thoughts

November 8+1, 2016

It’s only November and it already feels like winter here in Manchester. Temperature dropped to near zero, atmosphere is Christmas and the lights are everywhere – the famous Christmas market is opening tomorrow! 

I love this season. It’s cold but love the atmosphere. It feels like there is happy virus floating around everywhere on Christmas time. It’s already Christmas out there, and I couldn’t wait to set up a beautiful tree at home.

I have been thinking about having a Christmas party with friend-colleagues at home, but I am too tired for my job and Airbnb at the same time, so I am not sure any more. Plus, when I have guests, it could be a problem having a party unless they are happy to join, and I wouldn’t know if the guest on the party night will be a party person or someone against it. If I really want to, I need to set up the date and block my Airbnb calendar, or ask the possible future guest if they are ok with the party when they send me hosting request.

Anyhow, I still have some time to think. I have company party at the beginning of December, should do it first.


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