Day #118, No More Airbnb??

November 10+1, 2016

A bit of shock today.

The thing I have been worried finally came this morning.

The gate bell didn’t work last night so I had to go to the reception to talk about it, and one of the staff took me to a corner to have a word – yes  HAVE A WORD, that’s what she said. 

She asked me if I do Airbnb and I said yes, and she said it’s not allowed. The tenants should not make benefit out of the flat, which I don’t understand why not. I said I pay the full rent and it’s my home, I am allowed to have guests at my home and it should be my own business whether or not I make money out of it. But she insisted it’s against the rental agreement and they can kick me out if I keep doing it! WTF?

Shit I need to think about it.

Maybe I should get a flat mate.

Or move to a suburb, cheaper but nicer cosy home, and receive guests only sometimes when I have a feeling for it. This sounds like a good option. I don’t mind commuting.

OK, let’s sleep over it.

I had 2 hours sleep for the last 30 hours, and now my eyes are closing itself.

By the way, I met my new guests from Finland at Picadilly Station as  the gate bell doesn’t work and they can’t use internet on their Finnish phone. 

They are very nice.

They are both doing Sociology in uni, and they look perfect each other.



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