Day #124, Apple Pie

November 16+1, 2016

It’s soon weekend, and I slept a lot yesterday, so I was fully awake this morning.

I started cooking Chicken Tikka Masala with my homemade Tikka sauce (thanks Jamie). Looked fantastic. I put it in a box with rice for my lunch tonight. 

While the sauce was simmering, I started to make Apple Pie. I wanted to make it every time I see the recipe on cooking channels that I follow on FB and Instagram, and apples were going off and I wasn’t tired.

I am not a big apple eater, but I love Cinnamon Apple Pies. Actually, when apple is cooked and/or mixed with other ingredients, I love the texture and the taste.

Even though I am aware how much butter and sugar are in it, I will still have it from a bakery whenever I am hungry out on the road. Cinnamon gives amazing flavour. 


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