Day #126, Carb Talk

November 18+1, 2016

Yes, I have been sticking to my plan for the weekend.

First, I slept over 12 hours. Maybe even close to 24 hours.

I went to bed at about 3pm yesterday (Friday), played with my phone a bit, fell asleep when my eye closed automatically. I woke up some time in the morning, and stayed in bed reading a few articles on the phone and fell asleep again.

I finally got up from bed at about noon with screaming stomach from starvation, and had dinner/breakfast/lunch meal. I didn’t have any energy to cook anything, fortunately I had some rice in the ricecooker, so took out Kimchi, onion flakes, dried seaweed, sesame oil and seed, and mixed them with rice in a big bowl – quick Bibimbap done.

That’s why we need ricecooker. Rice is bread for Korean stomachs, to have them ready to eat whenever you want, we need ricecooker, preferably the one that keeps rice hot.

Talking about rice and bread, why is that many of western people are so surprised when they see Asians eating rice at three meals a day? Rice is a staple in most Asian countries like bread in Western countries, which is the source of carbohydrate. We all have certain stuff to intake carb at every single meal, such as bread, potato, rice, noodle etc, and why is that eating rice for breakfast to intake carb is so surprising? Why do they think it would be so boring to eat rice three times a day and they would get sick of it? I saw many French people eating Baguette three times a day, isn’t it the same thing? Baguette with butter and jam in the morning, Baguette sandwich for lunch, Baguette with cheese as a course of a dinner. Don’t they get bored eating Baguette three times a day? Rice is not a main dish. Rice is the healthy source of carb that goes along with main dishes that are source of other nutrients such as protein and vitamin. 

So, please don’t ask this question every time you see Asians eating rice. It sounds really thoughtless, like when you ask a Korean in UK whether he/she is from South Korea or North Korea.


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