Day #127, Christmas Wishes



November 19+1, 2016

I got up at noon for an appointment with an optician.

As I was already out, I decided to stay out and do some photography on Christmas Market.

There were a lot of people wherever the market stands are, especially at Albert Square. It was only 3pm and people were already drunk, probabaly from too much “vin chaud”.

All these hot drinks and Hotdogs with German sausages looked really tempting, but my hands were occupied with a heavy camera and I didn’t want to spill anything on my camera while carrying food and drink in the crowd. Maybe next time when I come out without camera.

As it got dark, lights became brighter and markets looked more crowdy and people looked happier. But I felt like I was not part of them. It was like, I felt alone in the crowd, the feeling that you feel outcasted and you are totally alone.

I came home and thought about why I felt like that out there among happy crowd.

Because I was not with anyone? Because this Christmas Market reminded me of last year in Grenoble, with my ex? Maybe they all were reasons, but one more – and main – reason was because of the situation in Korea. People over there is crying out, and on the other side of the planet we are enjoying the Christmas season. I am not into politics nor a patriot, but I still feel very sad and the situation hurts me a lot.

The nation is crying for the change, and the kid-like president does not give a shit of what the nation says, she really believes that she has the untouchable power and she can do anythng she wants and nobody can say or do anything against her. That’s unbelievable and she looks like the one in North Korea, illogically and irrationally obstinate. I am not even sure if people in South Korea could actually take her down if she stays in the blue house pretending nothing happened.

Please God help South Korea.


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