Day #128, Starting Party Plan, Again

November 20+1, 2016

First night of the week again.

It’s been over 3 months already, since I started the job here. 

But still, I do not feel like I know enough to do the job myself without managers’ advice. There are too many different situations, and new  situations are created on a daily basis. I thought I would become independent in my job within 3 months, but actually it takes more than I thought. 

There was a job offer to move to the day shift, assisting manager, but I didn’t feel right to apply for it. I don’t know the job enough to become an assistant between a manager and advisors. The due was today, but I didn’t really put any thought on it.

On the other hand, if there is any position in contents related department, I will surely apply for it, putting all of my efforts on the cover letter.

Heard Milka and Ole were leaving. Milka is going back to Poland in December, Ole is working at a cinema as he used to work in the animation industry. At least he stays in Manchester. 

These fellow comrads, they are my first and good friends in Manchester, and I wouldn’t lose any of them. Sherrina is working somewhere else, but we still keep in touch and eat out together sometimes. We should meet up, maybe I could provide my flat for a party again, Christmas party this time. The only thing is that I am not sure if I would have energy to prepare nibblings. I tend to make things perfect when it comes to receiving guests for any reason, so I push myself too much until I get really exhausted.

Let’s see.


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