Day #131, Feel Like Home

November 23+1, 2016

You know when you are sincerely welcomed or not, and I am at my soon-to-be ex mother-in-law’s home, and I feel very much like home, really.

She is amazing.

Even though the separation of her son’s couple is not from one person’s cheating or something, still I am not her daughter and I don’t have anything to do with her son any more, but she is still treating me the same way as she did before. I am very touched. Maybe that’s why I still call her ‘mum’.

She picked me up at the train station and greeted me with a big hug, got stuff that I liked in her fridge such as Sacisson à l’ail. 

We had lunch with Maria, my aunt-in-law, mum’s big sister. Maria greeted me warmly too. I was worried cuz I heard she didn’t go well these days, but she looked good, just lost a bit of weight. 

After lunch mum took me to a big park right next to her new home, strolled. Nice. Very nice.

But funny, I have this strange eye problem again today, the one I had when I was very stressed due to the separation at the beginning of this year. The doc said I would have it again if I get too much stress. I thought I got over him and was fine enough to come and see his mum, but maybe I wasn’t totally over him. I still felt a bit of sting in the heart when we talked about him over lunch.

Oh come on, no more red eyes please.

I’ve got my own life without him now. Stop doing this to yourself.


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