Day #132, Fun Time With Mum

November 24+1, 2016

We had spaghetti bolognese for dinner, and of course apéro brfore that. I think I will put on a bit of weight while in France, as I drink and eat fatty stuff a lot.

We watched a movie, one of the dvds that she borrowed from the library for me. Silver Linings Playbook. It was ok, lighthearted movie to watch before going to bed.

We went to IKEA this morning. Mum needed to buy a big carpet for her salon, new coushions for her armchair, new duvet cover etc, and we ended up buying a few more stuff than planned. As usual. Then we went to Habitat, just to have a look at chic luxury furniture, and they are really chic and expensive. A small sofa was nearly 2000 euros!! 

We talked about Christmas decoration and we spotted a small fake tree with lights that will be perfect for a corner in her salon, so she bought it. While paying for the tree, I spotted beautiful, unusual and super chic champagne glasses, and mum bought me those glasses for Christmas gift. How nice.

We put every stuff on proper places once at home, mum was happy with all of them. 

I was happy because I finally did IKEA trip with mum for her new home, which I always wanted to do because she loves home stuff as much as I do and I wanted to guide her at IKEA. She was happy too, because her own son and daughter don’t like shopping so she can’t really enjoy shopping with them, but she’s got me for a shopping companion. It’s a pity that I don’t live in France any more and I wouldn’t see her as often as before. But I will try to visit her as often as possible as long as she doesn’t mind. It’s not far. It’s only 5 hours train journey excl train changing time.


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