Day #133, So Good to See You All Again in a Year

Novemver 25+1, 2016

I planned to see my friends, Kulab, Christophe, and their daughter Tainely while in Soissons. Mum took me to Maria’s for me to say good bye to her, we talked about what we bought in IKEA, and Maria gave me an envelop for Christmas gift. It was smaller amount than before, but she didn’t have to do it as I am not her niece-in-law any more, but she still gave me something.

Then mum drove me to Kulab’s home.

We had a bottle of Champagne as usual, the only unusual thing was that I was alone without my husband. We always saw each other in couples, so it was weird to see them alone. Maybe that’s why he hesitated to contact them and saw them when he was here in summer. Mum said “he didn’t dare to see them.” 

We talked about my job, their job etc, and I pushed them to move to Manchester or at least to London, as they looked like they are sick of their job and living in such a small town, and they don’t have such good friends here to keep them. We all missed each other a lot, and if they moved closer to me that would be fantastic for all of us. Over dinner in the usual Chinese, I kept pushing Christophe to look for a job in UK. I got really excited just thinking about having them close to me.

They drove me home after dinner, exchanged warm kisses and said good bye. 

I got up early to get a train at 10:00 for Paris, mum stopped at Petito for me to buy my favourite bread on the way to the station.

I got to Paris and met Annie and had nice lunch. She had similar experience with her ex so really understood well what I went through. We talked for 3 hours.

After saying good bye to Annie, I went out to look for a bottle shop to get a bottle of Champagne to go with the beautiful glasses that mum bought me. I am going to open it on Christmas as I have been doing for the last 6 years with my French family. Alone or not, dunno yet.

Now I am on Eurostar waiting for the departure.


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