Day #134, Pain Moisson

November 26+1, 2016

Back home at around 10pm. In 13 hours from the time of departure. Well, I had 6-hour-break in Paris, that’s why.

On the way in the train, the smell of my favourite bread from my favourite bakery had been killing me. I sliced it and had it as soon as I got home. Couldn’t resist.

This bread is called “Pain Moisson”, meaning “Harvest Bread”. It looks like any multigrain bread in other countries, but I never found as good bread as this one. It’s fluffy and soft. I looked for the recipe on the web but can’t really find it.

Slept whole day till late afternoon.

Got up and enjoyed the Moisson again.

Did laundry, wrote nearly 20 Christmas cards with music on.

I need to sleep again for an early appointment at my GP.


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