Day #135, Winter Preparation

November 27+1, 2016

Got up at 6:30am to go to the GP for the first woman stuff check in UK. I will have blood test tomorrow. 

I saw a doc on emergency to get an eye drop for Uveitis, and the doc didn’t really know so refered a dic to prescribe one, but this product was no more produced according to many pharmacies. I need to get another presciption tomorrow, thank God I go back there for something else.

But it looks like my eyes calmed down a bit. It’s amazing how much my eye prob is connected to my ex. I never had this prob before the beginning of this year, and it came back only when I got stressed thinking of him. I thought I was ok to go to France, but apparently I wasn’t! My eyes are warning me!

I did food shopping at Arndale, and stayed in the kitchen for like 10 hours. I had crazy cooking session and froze stuff for winter. Feeling very satisfied and ready for the cold weather. 

I made and froze meatballs, burger patties and Char siu. Then washed, dried, put in bags and froze the herbs. I still have beef meat to make Beef Bourguignon. It’s been such a long time since I had it last time, maybe a year ago when my ex made it when it got chilly in Grenoble. I never made it myself cuz French food was his specialty, so I am going to try it myself for the first time. Wonder if it’s ok to use really off red wine though. I will only have to find out with my own cooking.

I am feeling relaxed cuz I won’t go to work tomorrow night again.


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