Day #136, Shopping and Cooking

November 28+1, 2016

I went to the doc for blood test.

And stopped at Primark to get some thin long sleeve tops, cuz it was under zero degree that reminded me the bloody cold winter in Korea. It was just not enough with only one sleeveless inner top and a knitwear. But the thing is, I ended up buying a few other stuff too. Crazy enough, I stopped at New Look and bought a nice looking warm jacket. My excuse is that I don’t have everyday winter jacket that I can wear any time above anything. Well, I really need to stop shopping clothes for a while. 

Back home, I had flat inspection. The guy said it’s for preventing any surprises and to check if everything is ok, but I had a feeling that it was to take photos of my flat and compare them with Airbnb listings. Whatever.

I started cooking. Beef Bourguignon. I haven’t tasted. I put them in bags and froze it. What the hell was I thinking? I didn’t even tasted it! Well, I should eat it sooner or later to see my first try on cooking this was successful.


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