Day #137, Lazy Moments Before Going Back To Work

November 29+1, 2016

I tried to go to bed later than midnight, as I need to get up as late as possible to work at night.

I guess I fell asleep at around 2am, and woke up without an alarm at around noon, not quite enough sleep. I stayed in bed playing with my mobile and trying to get back to sleep a bit more, and finally got up at around 5pm.

While I was at my phone in bed, I searched for a recipe to use up chicken flesh from chicken neck that I used to make chicken stock the other day. I had a third of them for a Bibimbap and I could eat anything as I was starving. The more I checked recipes the hungrier I got. I made Korean style chicken soup with spring onion, egg and chicken and had it with rice and Kimchi. Perfectly safe and digestible for an empty stomach. Actually I craved for a grilled sandwich with lots of cheese in it, but it’s a bit dangerous for my empty stomach.

I used the rest to prepare my lunchbox – Chicken and Green Pea Carbonara with Soy Cream. Easy peasy.


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