Day #142, Exotic Food

December 4+1, 2016

I went to a Thai restaurant with Miyuki for dinner before going to work.

Try Thai is in Chinatown, supposedly authentic and reasonably priced according to the reviews and stars on Google Maps. But actually I was a bit disappointed. I always try Pad Thai with King Prawn whenever I try a Thai restaurant for the first time, to see how good they are, and I would give them 3/5 for food. The taste was too much localised. Maybe I am too picky on Asian food in Western countries, I think exotic food has to be exotic, but maybe it won’t sell much if it’s too exotic for locals’ taste. So, it must be a decision between “staying in business with less exoticism” and “keeping exoticism and show the world the real Thai and worrying about bankrupsy”. And that’s why most Chinese restos in France run all-you-can eat buffet with stuff that French people love, such as Fried Rice and Spring Rolls, without real Chinese dishes you find in China.

Well, I were going to open a Korean resto in UK, I would insist sticking to the real Korean food and taste because I wouldn’t accept adjusting and twisting Korean dishes just to have as many local customers as possible, and that’s why I shouldn’t jump into this business because I am not a good business person.

But sometimes I think about doing it, because my main interest is in food and my life is very focused on food.


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