Day #146, Pre-Office Christmas Party

December 8+1, 2016

Finally, the D-Day has arrived.

The day of the great Christmas Party organised by my company.

I always wanted to work for a company where there a Chistmas Party is organised since I first saw it on a Hollywood movie, which I don’t remember what. The lastest movie that I remember with it is The Holiday. The scene in this movie was not very positive, it was when Kate Winslet found out the guy who she was in love was going to engage with someone else.

Anyway, those parties were not just parties to me. It was the whole different office culture of Western world from the authoritarian Korean one. The way colleagues talk and get along at work. 

I have already went to the Summer Party of my company, but it will be totally different fun this time, as I know a lot more people now than last time.

I will get fully dressed up, as will Claire. 

Now it’s time to go to bed to get up for the party at night.


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