Day #151, My Work and Psychology

December 13+1, 2016

Back to work.

There were lots of new faces.

The good thing is, the very rude new Korean girl has not come for a few days since last week, not at the party either. I would be thrilled if she has quit.

A new Japanese girl sat next to me where Claire normally sat. She was fun. I instantly liked her.

It wasn’t very busy but there were some unhappy customers, whom I couldn’t really help because the problems were from their ignorant attitude. Well, sometimes I just want to tell them to read the terms and conditions as they are spending a lot of their own money, but most of customers are too proud and don’t wanna be told off for their stupidity. Hell, I am a terrible money spender too, but at least I don’t complain about the loss of money that I caused myself.

The longer I work as a customer advisor, the more I would like to study Psychology.


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