Day #161, Merry Christmas

December 23+1, 2016

It’s Christmas Eve.

I went out shopping for food twice, wished everyone I met merry Christmas.

I bought alive lobster and cooked something nice. It was £20 for one lobster, nearly my weekly grocery budget, but it’s Christmas.

I bought Chinese cabbage and other vegs to make Kimchi.

I bought a good looking leather bag from M&S. I ve been looking for a big black shoulder bag for a long time, and found a nice one today. I was thinking about buying it on the Boxing Day, but maybe I wouldn’t even be able to get in the shop as there will be soooooo many people on that day.

I had lots of Christmas cards in my mail box. All from France. My French family are really warm people. They still think of me regardless of my ex. I will keep in touch with them too. I love them. They will be my family no matter what as long as I live.

Happy Christmas to you all.


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