Day #163, Solo Travelling

December 25+1, 2016

Christmas Day was gone while I was in bed. 

Having 3 days off is the worst.

Usual 2-days off weekend is just good enough to catch up on sleeping, do some shopping and chores, but when I have 3 days, I get super lazy, thinking “I can do it tomorrow” and keep sleeping. And 3-days is not long enough to get away, so you are stock here at home.

If I had 4+ days off, I would have booked a flight ticket to Venice. 

I guess I need to plan my holidays to be able to do something like that next year.

It’s just that I don’t know if I might be able to move to another department at work. If I move, my working schedule might change, therefore my holiday plans could no longer good for my new position. Well, in that case, I could reschedule my holidays, I guess?

Actually, the real reason why I can’t plan my big holidays for next year yet, is because I never had such opportunity to plan a holiday for myself without any schedule planned for me, such as moving a house or visiting family for certain reasons. I need to know what I want to do and when, alone, and that is the problem.

I have never travelled myself since my first and last backpacking in 2000. Well, a lot of things have changed and I might be different now from then, but I still feel awkward when I think about travelling alone.

I guess I just need to do it once, then I will know if I can enjoy solo travelling.


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