Day #141, Cheesy Steak Pie

December 3+1, 2016

I slept all day again. Really well rested.

I have to put eye drops every hour while awake, so I didn’t put as much as I should during the weekend as I wasn’t awake for a long time. But I guess well resting is better cure than any artificial eye drops. 

I got up sometime after midnight, mainly because of hunger, and had my first meal in 24 hours. Wow. it sounds awful when I say it – 24 hours starvation. I guess any human body works even when we are asleep and need some energy to do so, well I didn’t provide much to my body to work, whatever the work is. Sorry body.

I just finished cooking, no, making Steak Pie. I left the frozen pastry and Bourguignon out of the freezer last night, thinking that I would make Steak Pie. I used a muffin tin to make individual pies, adding some cheese in each pie, and they are getting cooled down now. Smells amazing. When anything with butter in it is cooked in the oven, it always smells fantastic. It may not be good for health, but it gives certain pleasure when smell and eat it, and I guess that pleasure creates some kind of good stuff in the body to even out.

I should try one pie now.

Then I will order something for mum’s birthday.


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