Day #153, Trafford Center

December 15+1, 2016

Last day of the week.

It feels really good when I can spend time out there shopping or just windowshopping without worrying about time. 

I spent the whole morning at Market Street, had some Kebab at Arndale Market and went to Trafford Center. Crazy.

Trafford Center is located far out of Manchester. Need to take bus. Claire and I were going to spend a whole day there one day, but we just decided to go there this afternoon, unexpectedly.

Well, I guess this center is a bit overrated. It is big, has lots of restaurant and shops and a cinema, but most of them are the same ones on Market St, I don’t see the point of going that far when you have everything same in the city center. 

I spotted a few stuff that I want to buy, but I will wait for the boxing day sale. 

I came home at around 6pm, had a bath and went to bed. Dead.


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