Day #165, Criminal Minds

December 27+1, 2016

Finished at 6am, and it was very dark and quiet on the streets on the way home. It was a little bit scary, as one street was blocked with a police line for a crime scene. That was just the street that I cross to go to/come from work every single night and morning.

I love dramas, movies and books with crime stories, but when it becomes real, that wouldn’t be so interesting at all. I don’t even know what I might actually feel if I ever become a victim of a crime, or even just a witness. I never had any opportunity to experience that, not that I want to experience it, but I am still curious to know my reaction.

Talking about crilme stories, I love the Amerian TV series Criminal Minds. I think it’s brilliant. Having 5 to 6 different agents who are experts on their own stuff, profiling the case, guessing what the criminal might do next and solving the case real fast are all very exciting and heart-beating.

When I read thrillers and crime stories, I can’t really put down the book until I finish it because I can’t wait to know the responsible. So I don’t start any thriller when I need to sleep. Actually it’s been such a long time since I read a thriller last time, because I didn’t have much time off to put myself into a book for hours without worrying about sleeping time. I really should start one that I bought from a secondhand bookshop this weekend.

By the way, it will be New Year this weekend!


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