Day #166, Bolognese or PB&J

December 28+1, 2016

I just made Bolognese sauce with the meat patty that I had in my freezer.

I made lots of stuff and froze them constantly, to save time to prepare my luchbox for work. And one day I realised that I had too much stuff in the freezer and kept buying, making new stuff and freezing them. My freezer didn’t have any more room, so I decided to use up all of the stuff before I make more.

I have been using most of stuff, and this Bolognese sauce was the last one that I could make out of the freezer.

I still have a box of powdery ingredients and a box of bread, but those will be used and eaten when necessary.

This Bolognese sauce is really tasty. I had every kind of ingredients that I wanted to put in it, and it came out perfect. I have 2 boxes, one for tonight’s lunch and one for tomorrow. I could have one portion for brekky before going to work tonight, but I can’t give up PB&J and coffee for my first meal of the day. I have been eating that for years now, but I am still not sick of it. I’d like to have Nutela on toast, avocados on toast, or butter and raspberry jam on toast too, but I always choose PB&J in the end. That’s why I always hesitate on the jam aisle if I should buy a jar of raspberry jam or not. Talking about bread and butter, it makes me hungry again.

Whoever invented PB&J, this person should win a prize. I just hope one of the big companies didn’t steal the idea of the genius individual.

I wonder if I will ever get sick of it.

I am having it again in 10 hours. Can’t wait.


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