Day #168, Cooking and Australia

December 30+1, 2016

Finally, the last day of the year.

I slept for a long time to catch up on sleeping from the week, and got up some time before noon.

I went out to a Chinese supermarket to get some ricecake for tomorrow. Because we eat a soup with ricecake in it on the New Year’s Day in Korea. Funny, I don’t usually like this soup, but just because of the tradition and the thought of everyone eating this dish in Korea makes me crave for it. I wouldn’t have gone out if not for this ingredient.

At the shop, I found the Korean dumpling dough to make “Mandu”, which is Korean dumpling/wanton/dimsum, whatever you call it, it’s something similar to Italian ravioli. I guess we all have this kind of dish in every culture. In Korea, Japan and China, they all have that, Italy has it, Poland has it too. Maybe it could be meat pie for this kind of dish in UK? Anyway, I bought that dough and mince pork in Aldi to make this Mandu. This can be added in the ricecake soup. Super delicious.

Back home, I spent hours in the kitchen. I made a lot of Mandu and froze them. It will be perfect to make soup on a cold day. I left some in the fridge for tomorrow’s New Year’s Day dish. Can’t wait to have it.

If I were in Korea, I would have had it in a restaurant with my family. It’s too easy there. Restaurants are everywhere and reasonably cheap, and food ingredients at supermarkets are as expensive as eating in restaurants, so people don’t bother to cook. Actually I didn’t cook much when I lived in Korea. Cooking got to me when I lived in Australia, because eating culture was totally different and there were no restaurants for Korean dishes I craved where I lived. Food option-wise and money-wise, I didn’t have much choice but to cook for myself. And I found myself really enjoying it. I found my biggest hobby and joy in Australia, and maybe that’s one of the reasons that I always have smile on my face whenever I hear the name ‘Australia’. I guess I left my heart there when I left. If the world ever becomes one and nobody needs visa to live in other countries, I will definately choose to live in Austalia.


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