Day #171, Goal

January 2+1, 2017

I am really tired this morning, cuz I didn’t get much sleep yesterday.

It’s always like that every week – I sleep a loooooooooot during weekend and I don’t feel tired at all on Monday morning after first work night of the week, so go out for some shopping and cook things to use the energy and to make myself a bit more tired, and try to sleep after noon, but can’t really fall asleep because I am not tired. And I get super tired at work for the second night and feel so so sleepy on Tuesday morning. Same cycle every week.

To fix that problem, I should keep the sleep-day-awake-night cycle even on weekends, but I need to rest and don’t wanna wake up with an alarm clock on weekends so I sleep until my eyes open themselves, and that’s when I have well enough sleep, like nearly 24 hours. So, that makes me getting up in the morning on Saturday, and that means I go back to normal cycle for 2 days.

Well, I still get good enough sleep overall so I don’t get sick due to lack of sleep, so I am not complaining, so I just wanna find out the best way to keep regular rest and work cyclce. Maybe it’s not possible, even for day workers? I remember I slept until afternoon on weekends to rest when I worked days, and Monday morning was very difficult because I didn’t sleep much on Sunday night because I wasn’t tired enough. Maybe it’s the same for day workers, so changing work shift is not really a solution. Maybe.

In a way, night working is good for many things – see a doc, go shopping, see a banker, do whatever necessary during work hours so things get done quickly. And I get paid more too.

It’s good when I am alone. The thing is, it’s not gonna be easy to develop a new relationship if I work at night, unless my future partner is a night worker too.

Know what? My one and only goal (and hope) for the new year is to fall in love and be in a happy relationship. I don’t believe in matchmaking website or anything like that. I believe in fate, so I think it will come without me knowing one day, and hopefully very soon.


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