Day #172, Pentatonix

January 3+1, 2017

The more I listen to Pentatonix, the more I fall in love with their music and voices.

I don’t actually have specific taste on music, I just like to have background music when I am not sleeping, and it could be any genre as long as it’s not screaming Rock or Heavy Metal sound. So I don’t really remember the name of singers or titles.

But, this group, when they caught my ears a coupla months ago when I played Christmas mix on Youtube, I ran to my laptop to check who they were. Ever since, I have been listening and watching all of their albums and videos every single day. Their voices are really magical. I guess 5 voices altogether make it so enchanting.

I have never been a big fan of any public figure, never been to any music concert either except classical music orchestra, but this group really makes me think of going to a pop concert for the first time in my life.

It looks like they have already come to Europe for a tour a few years ago, but I really hope they do it again, or I will have to plan my holiday according to their tour locations.

I have their music on now.

God I love their voices.




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