Day #173, My Company

January 4+1, 2017

I stayed at work for a bit to wait for the reception to open. I wanted to swap my locker.

I was at the canteen and had some cereals with Takeshi.

Takeshi is a new Japanese agent working at night with many of us, and he stays at the canteen studying for IELTS till 8am, then goes to the cnentral library to study more. Very hardworking guy.

He said he wants to go and live in Australia, and he needs to pass IELTS to get a job there. He has some kind of IT engineer degree and it’s one of the areas that a foreigner could get a job with visa sponsorship.

I know about those stuff because I once tried to get a sponsorship visa in Australia, but my specialty was nowhere close to those working areas where there are a lot of vacancies open to foreigners due to lack of local specialist.

He has 2 year-working holiday visa to UK, and he’s got 1 more year to go.

I realised many of Asian workers in my company are working holiday visa holders. They have only 2 years to stay in UK, and the company still hire these people. That’s amazing when I think about it. If I was to invest so much to train my employees, I would want them to work for my company as long as possible, but my company still invest on people who will leave in 2 years for sure. The longer I work here, the more I realise how much the company invest on its people and care for them. Maybe there are some unhappy customers for our service out there, but I guess there are more happy employees in this company than any other companies in UK. Customers are important for the company’s business, but its employees’ happiness comes first so that these happy employees work better to make more customers happy. Simple and straightforward fact, but not many bosses set their company culture like ours.

I am very happy that I found a job in this company, and I’d like to stay here as long as I can.


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