Day #174, Foodpairing

apple sausage m1.JPG


January 5+1, 2017

I rarely try one recipe twice, because there are so many good recipes from fantastic chefs out there. I’ve got about 10 cookbooks but I haven’t even tried every single recipe from those yet.

But I cooked Pan-Seared Sausages with Apples and Garlic the second time this moring. The idea is from Epicurious. This dish is so simple and easy that any terrible cook can make it right, because the combinaion of pork and apple is amazing.

Talking about food combination, I value foodparing very highly. Maybe most of us use foodpairing concept when cooking even without realising it. Our noses and tongues know it. I’ve just looked up about foodpairing, and it is actually a science. Some chefs study and try unusual pairs in their new recipes.

The foodpairing I use every single day is definately PB&J. 😉



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