Day #175, Natural Jab

chicken soup.JPG


January 6+1, 2017

The complexity of human’s body is incredible.

I really admire people who study about our body and try to find a solution when something goes wrong in the body.

I am still not sure if we are created by God in a word or evolved from certain animals, but what I can tell is that our body can cure any problem itself naturally as long as we keep it healthy.

So I try to eat healthy and stay healthy as much as I can, and I believe the strong immune system will kick away any bad stuff trying to get into my body.

I saw the adverts on ‘flu jab’ at a phamacy the other day, and one of my colleagues got real sick and didn’t come to work for a week. That made me think of making some chicken soup. I don’t know what makes this soup so special to fight against cold, but it deos work. Whenever I feel that my immune system is getting weak a bit, I get some chicken and boil it for hours and cook some spicy and hot soupy dish.

Now I feel strong.



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