Day #177, Next Decade?

January 8+1, 2017

As I said many time in here, my company is amazing.

Well, it is actually Perkbox who set up the service, but the company should be registered for their employees to use the Perkbox’s discount and free offers.

I am now sitting at one of Café Neros with a free cup of hot chocolate. I am going to do some grocery shopping when shops open at 8am, and this is a good spot to wait. If I go home to kill 45 minutes, probably I will stay home with my lazy butt.

The more internet becomes the prime means of life, the more this kind of business grows. Internet brokers, such as my company, for hotels, many websites for flights, Airbnb for house sharing, Perkbox for any kind of consumer business, Uber for taxi, Jinn and others for delivery service, what else… There must be hundreds of broker business out there that I don’t know of. I didn’t actually know of my company before I applied a job here.

The changed and upgraded (maybe?) life style changes the business world too. 

I am realky curious to know what new stuff will come and how our life will change in the next decade.


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