Day #180,Preoccupied

January 11+1, 2017

My mind is preoccupied.

A bit like at the very beginning of my life in UK, well maybe not that much, but quite similar.

I need to think about 2 big things.

One is moving house, the other is moving position at work.

The two biggest thing in my life at the moment.

I found this job in July, moved to Manchester in August, found this flat and moved in in September, started hosting Airbnb guests in October.

Wow. I had only less than 2 months of boredom and rest, and now I have to get busy again until I find a nice house with a garden in a nice neighbourhood and move at the beginning of March. And I also have to write a fantastic cover letter for my new wanted position at work and prepare the interview if my application is accepted. I don’t really think I will get the job because I have worked at this company only for 4 months, although my manager encouraged me to apply.

Ok, time to focus now.


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