Day 181, Great bakery

January 12+1, 2017

Another Friday morning.

I had breakfast at work with a few colleagues this morning. Some of them wanted to kill time to go somewhere, some of them were just there for a fun. 

It always makes me feel good when I spend some time with people that I like. We didn’t really have meaningful conversations, but it felt ok not to talk much, we were fine just being together.

I went to a bakery called Pollen after breakfast. They opened not long ago, but some privately owned nice cafes use their bread and it got them known on Instagram and all. 

The location is just off Manchester Picadilly station, still 30 minutes walk in the freezing windy weather. They make a few different sourdough and some pastries. Their sourdough is massive, though the price is reasonable. I couldn’t decide between 100% Rye Bread and 5 Seed Bread for a few seconds. I bought the latter and I’m gonna try the former next time. The bread is so huge that it’s gonna last for a week. 

And I stopped at Aldi for grocery shopping. Now I am totally ready to stay in for the next 57 hours.

I will make some Tonkztsu and go to bed.

Feeling good.


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