Day #182, Listening to the Nature

January 13+1, 2017

I woke up in the afternoon, well rested.

I love it when I wake up without an alarm clock.

It means my body tells me that I am well rested and it’s time to eat and move around.

When I wake up with the annoying, noisy and disturbing alarm sound, I feel grumpy and negative and I hate the world. But when I open my eyes because my body tells me to do so, I feel wonderful and I don’t have the frown on my forehead. I can actually see it from my facial skin condition. My skin looks beautiful and glowing after long and deep sleep. Human body is amazing when I think about it. It’s so complex but simple at the same time. We can just follow the simple rule to stay healthy – provide proper nurtition, rest well, balance the input and output energy. Same as what we should do for our planet and nature.

Sometimes I think of the prehistoric time. What if humans lived as it was in that era? Without so much development and modernisation, live like other animals, only listening and following basic instict, like fulfilling hunger and sexual desire and rest?

I don’t really know when and why humans started to live so differently from other animals and make tools that destroy the planet little by little, I am sure that started with a good meaning and brighter future. One of my dreams – dreams that will never become true – is travelling to the past on a time machine and see and experience the prehistoric life.


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